Dive Lantern Pygmy 6 Torch (600 lumen)

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This compact light is ideal for scuba divers and free divers who want to:
- Mount on a mask strap
- Mount on a cray loop
- Store in a pocket as a backup

It has two light outputs based on the battery that is used. When run on the rechargeable battery it comes with the output is 600 lumens, but run on a standard AA battery it drops down to 200 lumens.

At 600 lumens it is great mounted to a mask strap for looking under ledges during the day when the divers eyes are exposed based on the large amount of ambient light from the sun. 600 lumens also provides enough light to be used as a backup. Used on a cray loop sometimes you don't want as much light as that, so having the option to run either the full 600 lumens or switch over to 200 lumens is ideal.

Mounted on a mask strap it is ideal for free divers who want to keep their hands free and be able to quickly look under ledges while their eyes are exposed to daylight.


Output Levels and Runtimes With 14500 Battery: 600 lm / 60 mins
With AA Battery: 200 lm / 80 mins
Beam Angle 10 degree
Depth Rating 100m
Battery 14500 li-ion or AA NiCd/NiMH
Battery Capacity 800 mAh
Charge Time Approx. 2 hours
Weight 90g (with battery)
Size 97 x 26mm
Warranty 2 Year
Included Light, battery, charger, wrist lanyard,
and spare o-rings


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