Venture Heat PRO V3 Waterproof Heated Diving Undersuit

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PRO V3 for Wetsuits and Drysuits

  • designed for wetsuits, featuring front and back heating with 2 battery compatibility for double the runtime
  • controllable with wrist remote, with on-vest and on-remote haptic feedback for low visibility touch-control
All V3 models utilize our exclusive saltwater-safe carbon nanofiber heating technology in our improved butterfly shape for better heating coverage.
All V3 models feature the same heating output at 32 watts, which is about 3x the warmth of our average battery heated non-waterproof apparel.

Our new V3 waterproof battery is completely redesigned

  • shorter and squatter to better fit all body shapes.

  • now features a battery status light so you can see the remaining charge in left in the battery before each dive excursion

  • features an battery on/off button
  • upgraded from the previous V2 (pin-style) design to prevent accidental damage and improve connection

Featured only in PRO V3 and DRY V3 models, our exclusive underwater remote control haptic feedback system allows you to easily control your suit's temperature even when it's layered under other bulky protective gear.
The wrist remote control is 100% waterproof and designed to be worn outside of your gear, directly exposed to the water. And yes, your suit can be turned on/off with the wrist remote.

All V3 vest models are 100% waterproof to 100 metres.

Designed for recreational divers, technical diving, commercial diving, oceanography, cave divers, lake diving, quarry diving, search & rescue, military and Coast Guard, and more.

Which size will fit me best?

While we don't offer custom sizing recommendations, generally your US unisex t-shirt size will be a good fit. We also offer a size chart in the product listing to help determine your best fit.
Each suit comes standard with a stretchy zip-in expansion panel, which allows you to expand the suit to a more custom fit.

What it is: Professional grade diving undersuit with two heating zones

Heat-zones: front & back

Runtime: with two batteries, 180-360 minutes depending on heat setting

What's in the box: includes heated vest, expansion panel, two 5000mAh 11.1V batteries + charger, remote control watch + charging dock


We want you to be happy with your purchase so where at all possible we encourage you to visit our Scuba Culture store located at Unit 2/121 Highbury Rd Burwood in Victoria so that you can look, touch and try things on. We realise that you may be interstate and unable to visit so where possible we supply sizing charts so that you can make an accurate decision for your sizing selection.
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Click & Collect is available for FREE from Scuba Culture in Victoria. For shipped orders, our shipping fee is $15. Any size, any location within Australia. One flat rate. However, this does not apply to tanks or lead. will usually be able to process your order on the same business day as it is received.
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