Xdeep ZEOS 28 or 38 Deluxe Set, SS Back Plate

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Zeos Deluxe with Stainless Steel Backplate by XDeep

A bespoke and balanced solution for passionate single tank adventurers. Zeos Deluxe is the complete BCD - with luxury!

Featuring a Zeos 28 or Zeos 38 wing, a deluxe harness (with quick-release buckles) and stainless steel hardware, 3D mesh pads for extra comfort, and a precision machined stainless steel backplate and single tank adapter.

The Zeos is a high quality sport diving BCD with the classic form and benefits of a backplate, harness and wing system as traditionally used for technical diving. However, recreational divers are often hesitant to buy such systems because they have, in the past, been a case buying all the pieces and performing assembly on your own. However, your ZEOS comes complete and assembled - simply fit the tank bands (easy) and go dive your adventure!

It's as simple as buying a jacket BCD but with the benefits of a technical diving system. Of course, as a backplate, harness and wing system, you have a choice of the sized wing you want and if you would like to add things such as dumpable weight pockets and trim pockets of various sizes.

Unlike most recreational BCDs that have a single 'skin', the Zeos wing features the same rugged double-layer construction (just like the technical diving wings for the Hydros and Stealth BCDs) - it's rare to find such good quality and robustness in a sport diving BCD.

The Zeos 28 / 38 deluxe BCD (depending on which size you choose) includes:

Zeos 28 or 38 wing (Zeos 28 - 28lbs, 13kg, Zeos 38 - 38lbs, 17kg buoyancy).
3mm Stainless Steel Backplate.
Adjustable DIR harness with quick release buckles & crotch strap.
3D mesh pads - full set - backpad and shoulder pads.
Single Tank Adapter (STA) - Stainless Steel.
Power Inflator and LP inflator hose.
2 x tank bands
Dumpable weight pockets are an optional extra.

Trim pockets are optional extras.

If you have any questions about the Zeos BCD, or you wish to customise your system, then please contact us via e-mail, or take a look through the User Manual.


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